Occupying an iconic location in Nice, hovering above the sea on the famous pillar of rock and the base of the diving boards themselves, the restaurant welcomes you in this most unusual setting, steeped in history.

We offer a friendly and convivial cuisine with a modern Mediterranean influence, prepared with fresh, seasonal market produce.


We are currently closed for the winter and will re-open mid-March 2022. For further information or individual booking requests please contact us via email : contact@leplongeoir.com. For group bookings and event enquiries please email: commercial@leplongeoir.com

Our history


At the end of the nineteenth century a stylish fishing boat was secured on the rock. During “La Belle Époque”, guests could eat and drink tea perched six metres above the waves. This restaurant, connected by a walkway to a charming gazebo typical of that era on the French Riviera, soon became emblematic of the city of Nice.

Following damage to the fishing vessel, architect René Livieri was commissioned in 1941 to bring a new lease of life to the site, giving rise to the Diving Boards on the seaward side with a beach restaurant replacing the gazebo.

Many years later, following the closure of the beach restaurant, the Diving Boards were abandoned but kept a special place in the hearts of the people of Nice and its silhouette still remained part of the cultural heritage of the city.

Today, the restaurant Le Plongeoir strives to bring new life to this amazing location whilst respecting its history and enhancing its natural charm.

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